Monday, October 01, 2007

Court Of Lonely Royals (2006)DVD Rip

Two alienated twenty-somethings who work as police sanctioned assassins find their paths crossing with two lost souls who are desperate for love and vengeance in director Rohan Michael Hoole's bleak science fiction thriller. The setting is the inner city, and the time is the near future. Holden and Hunter earn their keep by working as hired killers for the cops - crimes that are easily covered up. But Holden and Hunter aren't your average assassins, they never dispense of their targets directly but instead use the victim's own weaknesses to orchestrate their self-destruction. Later, after being joined by vengeful hooker Charlie, innocent drifter Camille appears. Camille is hopelessly lost in the vast city, and desperate to win Holden's heart. Unfortunately, fate has brought these four together under the most grim circumstances imaginable.

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