Thursday, October 04, 2007

Skindred - Roots Rock Riot (2007 Ragga-Punk-Metal) New

Roots Rock Riot is the second album from welsh Ragga-Punk band Skindred. It is due to be released on the 22nd of October 2007 in the UK and on the 23rd of October 2007 in the US. The bands Myspace site Myspace states that an international release date is forthcoming. The album was produced by Matt Squire (Panic! at the Disco) and mixed by Rick Will (who also mixed Skindred's debut album Babylon). It has been confirmed that there are 12 tracks on the album and the band have released the track 'Rat Race'on both their Myspacesite and their Reverb Nationsite. the song is also on an E-Cardwhich also contains a distorted sample which may be part of a track from 'Roots Rock Riot'. The recording of 'Roots Rock Riot' was completed at Bieler Bros. Studios in Pompano Beach, Florida in 2007. The official album launch party is to be held on the 20th of September at the Scala club in London, UK.

Track Listing
1. Roots Rock Riot
2. Trouble
3. Ratrace
4. State Of Emergency
5. Alright
6. Destroy The Dance Floor
7. Rude Boy For Life
8. Killing Me
9. Spit Out The Poison
10. Cause Ah Riot
11. Ease Up
12. Choices And Decisions

01 - Skindred - Roots Rock Riot (2007)