Thursday, December 27, 2007

Raksmey Hangmeas DVD Vol 85(Hight Definition)

Exciting World - Malaysia Happier

All 15 tracks are in .divx formatted. (New Link updated 12/27/07)


Anonymous said...

can you fix the megaupload download link? It's the wrong file. Thank you

phils78 said...

thenk youuuuu 4 uppp
but the link for megauplaud is wrong ^^
thank you
viva cambodiaaaaaaa phils78

Anonymous said...

hey dude, where have you been for awhile? I have stopped by your web every single day... now, you are back!!!

HMBlog said...

Thanks for your comment, New megaupload link has been update in the main page.


Anonymous said...

The new megaupload link does not work. It says it's invalid. Can you please fix it? Thanks

HMBlog said...

New links for megaupload, check it out. Let me know if you cannot download. Megaupload's server today is being stupid.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the HD Videos Uploads!

Koun Khmer said...

Thank you HMBlog for sharing the many good Khmer songs. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if u can upload these 2 vol that we can sing Karaoke.Karaoke is not available in this format.Thanks in advance.

HMBlog said...

Hi There,

These 2 vols are in divx formatted, and they came with 2 audios, "Audio Track 1" and "Audio Track 2". If you want to sing Karaoke, you have to change the Audio from Audio Track 1 to Audio Track 2.

Here is the guide how to use Zoom Player to change the Audio Track "".

If you still have further question, please let me know.

Happy New Year.

Lim said...

OK now I can sing.I just know that the divx format have karaoke function.Thanks alot and happy new year!